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get off your high horse, it’s hockey

get off your high horse, it’s hockey

Day after an 8-1 loss to the Bruins, yes I am feeling it, it hurts.  I’m not a bandwagon jumper.  I am a true blue Leaf fan (you bunch of idiots) but I have always had a great admiration for Vancouver.  They have always been a sleek, smart, fast team.  With the exception of Bertuzzi, they have always stood out in my mind as:  Why can’t the Leafs be more like them?   And I love a Swede.

So last night’s game happens, I just hear the news that Horton is out for the rest of the playoffs with a severe concussion and I am conflicted.  Most of all, I hate that Horton is out with a severe concussion – would wish that on no one.  But all the swirling crap around it infuriates me.  This hit was no dirtier than any other hit.  It wasn’t even dirty.  And maybe I’ll go farther and say that a hit like the one Chara used on Max Pacioretty that put him against the glass at about light speed was dirty.  Chara used his gargantuanism and on purpose pushed Pacioretty into the glass that night.   That is reckless.  Punishment?  Chara got nothing.  Rome took advantage of a skilled and well versed hockey player like Horton who had his head turned away.  Punishment?  Rome might be gone for the rest of the playoffs.

Suddenly, Bruins fans are in tears or are screaming Bloody murder!  I’d love to have seen their faces back when Mr. Zdeno Boston made his evil hit.  Hockey is hypocrisy.  If a Bruin had done a hit like last night on say Burrows would I have been angry?  Sure, because we’d lose Burrows.   But no way would I be sitting on some high horse all of a sudden.


There are some things Vancouver has to do besides win the next two:

1. Take care of Thomas.  And I don’t mean like a ‘mob take care of’ thing, I mean, Put him back where he is supposed to be.  What’s with the hit on Henrik last night?  Make Thomas answer for that.  Bit too big for his britches and he’s going to do it until someone stops him.  Every time someone took a swipe at Sundin, I took it personally.  So should the Canucks.  Shut Thomas down.

2. The finger thing:  End it.  As much as I think LaPierre is hot, he should stop the on-ice antics and let the finger biting episode go.   Burrows has.  Be bigger than the Bruins.

3. Make sure Luongo believes himself to be God.  I’m wondering what Roberto is thinking right now, and if he is shivering.  He needs to be talked up Big Time.  He is better than Thomas.  The Canucks have to make sure he believes that next game, so they have to believe it too.  Last time Luongo sucked, he came back roaring and Canucks blew through.  Do it again.

4. Play clean.  Give them nothing to cry itty bitty tears about.  Make the Bruins take the penalties and this time, score when you have the man-advantage.

Whether Vancouver wins or loses, and they will win, I will always be a Vancouver fan.   See, I think they are classy.  Since when did Boston ever hold the upper hand in class?  Um, never.


it’s too cold there

it’s too cold there

Vancouver’s alive, Nashville is dead.  My keychain fob is the Preds logo so I’m soft for them – but not vs. the Canucks. Plus they kept showing Mike Fisher last night and as much as I am a Carrie Underwood fan, the whole idea that he left Ottawa for Nashville after he married his country singer wife – finger down throat.  And I hate Ottawa.

I hated it when Gretzky did it too.  What’s with the pull of these wives?  Oooh I can’t live in Edmonton/Ottawa/Canada – it’s too cold there.

Thing is, I can never like Fisher.  It’s the Senator smear.  Once the town’s touched them, they are sullied and untouchable.  Redden, Chara, Fisher, crazy Ray Emery.  Sorry, not crazy – just mad.



Wouldn’t welcome any of them with a ten foot pole.  When Redden was good – because he’s not good anymore – a reporter suggested that if he be traded, what would he think of becoming a Leaf?  Redden said he’d never play for Toronto.

Wouldn’t have you.

Anyway, Canucks vs. – not decided yet.  I’m swinging a (figurative) Tampa Bay flag.  We did buy a Vancouver flag for our car a few weeks back.  My husband and I stood in the parking lot trying to figure out how to get the fucking thing on.  Finally, he says:

Let’s get the hell out of here and do this at home.  I feel like an idiot.

I figured it out as we drove.  Flag flies proudly now.