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Once my biggest challenge was making the 4X100 relay team.  Other challenges?  Stop smoking, date a guy who works for a living, date a guy who doesn’t lie.

Cough without peeing myself.

My daughter the other day told me that some classmates – girls – had taken it upon themselves to inform her (often) when she was being “a spaz”.

Biggest challenge ever?  Stop myself from driving to school to tell these girls that maybe they’d fooled everybody else (what smart sweet girls), but I was on to them.

My kids aren’t perfect examples of respectable behaviour.  My daughter’s impatience is what led to this label that, I discovered, she has been carrying for months.  By the last few days of school, she was beyond weary.  She was done.

She is moving schools with some other classmates.  She told me she conducted a survey these last few days of Who Will Miss Me and Who Won’t Miss Me.

I found this sheet as I went through her stack of papers the days following June 29.  There were columns she had not shared with me, such as Who Will Sort Of Miss Me and Who Says They Will Miss Me But Actually Won’t.

Both columns had the names of two girls I thought to be her good friends.  My daughter told me that as school wound down, these girls had told her she budded into their lives too much when they didn’t want her there.  I asked her:  How did you feel about that?  She said she was happy for summer to come.

There was another column:  Who Says They Won’t Miss Me But They Actually Will.  She had written a boy’s name, one we had heard many times throughout the year.

“He says he won’t miss me,” she said to me, giggling, “but I know he will.”