I am starting a new website.  It is called:

Lollydoodle logo-01

I wanted to start a web magazine that women of all ages will find interesting.   That was full of creative art, writing, viewpoints, cool stuff for the home, clothes, boots and bags and laughs.  

If I have faltered on the regular posts for this site, it is because I started putting my energy into lollydoodle.  I am so excited.

I guess I grew sick and tired of magazines for women over 40 talking about recipes, practical jackets for work and illnesses.

I like my magazines big, glossy and fun.  So join me at

It starts tomorrow, December 15.  That’s my birthday.  I figured that was a good place to start.


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  1. Hi Sarah – I have sent a couple of e-mails to see if you could write a short letter for Joanne’s upcoming Encounter trip with Sarah at the end of Sept. Not sure if I had your correct e-mail address as I have not received anything back from you yet.
    I am hoping that you could write something about your friendship with Joanne and send it to me to include in the package before she goes on Sept 27?
    You can send it by post to my attention to our home address: 6080 Eagleride Dr West Vancouver v7w 1w9.

    Thanks and I hope that everyone is doing well.


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