it’s too cold there

it’s too cold there

Vancouver’s alive, Nashville is dead.  My keychain fob is the Preds logo so I’m soft for them – but not vs. the Canucks. Plus they kept showing Mike Fisher last night and as much as I am a Carrie Underwood fan, the whole idea that he left Ottawa for Nashville after he married his country singer wife – finger down throat.  And I hate Ottawa.

I hated it when Gretzky did it too.  What’s with the pull of these wives?  Oooh I can’t live in Edmonton/Ottawa/Canada – it’s too cold there.

Thing is, I can never like Fisher.  It’s the Senator smear.  Once the town’s touched them, they are sullied and untouchable.  Redden, Chara, Fisher, crazy Ray Emery.  Sorry, not crazy – just mad.



Wouldn’t welcome any of them with a ten foot pole.  When Redden was good – because he’s not good anymore – a reporter suggested that if he be traded, what would he think of becoming a Leaf?  Redden said he’d never play for Toronto.

Wouldn’t have you.

Anyway, Canucks vs. – not decided yet.  I’m swinging a (figurative) Tampa Bay flag.  We did buy a Vancouver flag for our car a few weeks back.  My husband and I stood in the parking lot trying to figure out how to get the fucking thing on.  Finally, he says:

Let’s get the hell out of here and do this at home.  I feel like an idiot.

I figured it out as we drove.  Flag flies proudly now.




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