One morning, I have an appointment.  Later I will have to bring my daughter to the orthodontist.  

But there is a window in between.

I go to HomeSense.

I find blue shelves for my son:

A funky set of drawers for my daughter:

In telling this story to my husband later, I say:

“…so I had a little time on my hands.”

He rolls his eyes, hangs his head and laughs.

Those eight words that can only mean:

“…so I went shopping.”  

They were on sale.


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  1. I know this EXACT bookshelf…. do you remember the name or designer that did it for Homesense? I passed up on it (due to my husband) and now I really need it for a space in my home. Thanks so much.

  2. I wish I knew more – the yellow drawers have a sticker on the back that says Kindergarten something (halfway ripped), made by Essentials in NY. The blue shelves I don’t know anything at all because I’ve thrown the info away already. I will, if I see them around (do you mean the blue ones?), post something to let you know if I find out more -sorry I couldn’t be more help. :)

  3. Yes the blue shelf. I was searching for it online and saw your drawing and knew exactly which one it was!

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