Doing research on something else, I run across two unsolved murders that took place in 1983 in Toronto. I read about Susan Tice and Erin Gilmour and then I watch an interview with a detective after Erin’s murder, which took place six months after Susan’s.

Police believed the same man killed Susan and Erin.

The detective says this:

“The similarities are similar there, the only difference being obviously different neighbourhoods.  As well Susan was a little older, she was in her 40s, recently getting divorced, grown children, that kind of thing.

“Erin Gilmour on the other hand was just starting out her life.  She had just done some modeling, came from a well-to-do family, a very social person, loved by everyone.”

I stare at the screen.  Wonder if I heard him right.  Watch it again

Perhaps I am a 40-something sensitive mom who took that the wrong way.

When I do more research, I discover Susan had four children.  Children who loved her very much.  In fact, she was probably loved by all of them.

Is it less tragic because she didn’t model, was not from a well to do family and was tainted by her upcoming divorce?



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