I find this great deal at a Winners next door to the city where I live.  I buy it and put it aside for one of my kids.

A week later at another Winners in the city on the other side of where I live, I find the same thing but priced for 16.99.

I stand there and I think:  Shit.  My stomach sinks.  So I think I should buy this one now and then go home and get the other one I bought and find the receipt – where did I put the receipt? – and head to the other Winners – do I have time before school ends and I have to pick my kids up? – and return the one I paid $6 more for.  That’s what sensible people do.  Right?  We aren’t made of money, are we?

I’m pissed (sulking) because my trip to Winners is ruined – so what if I just found that book I’ve wanted for six months at only 4.99? – because:

a)  I have had the joy of finding a great deal suddenly stolen from me; and,

b) I don’t want to do all that I just figured I should probably do (foot stomping tantrum placed here).

Am I lazy?  Probably, yes, but I work it out as – what is my time worth?  There, that makes me feel better.  Plus I think, if I buy this one, I’ll most likely just say to myself once home that I should give this to a friend of the family who has a child with a birthday coming up.  So in fact by NOT buying this one and returning the other one, I saved us 16.99.

I sigh and I leave it.

Does everyone think those red tags are a bugger to get off?

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