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are there things I don’t like about Christmas?

are there things I don’t like about Christmas?

I go on the Jezebel site a lot.  I recently noticed they had an article on Things I Hate About Christmas.  It included things like gift cards (and I love them!!), mistletoe (how can you hate that?) and old-timey carolers (which I am fine with as long as no one makes ME dress up like that).

So I was thinking:  what would my list be?  I love so many things that I hear other people criticize.  I love shopping at Christmas time.  I love listening to the same Christmas music and watching the same Christmas specials.  I love coloured Christmas lights and Christmas trees and I love saying Merry Christmas.

This is what I came up with:

1. I really really don’t like that Paul McCartney song ‘Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time’.  I figure that is the background music to some really bloody, horrible gorey plot of revenge, madness and psychopathy.

2. Grass.  I am conflicted.  I hate driving in snow and I love the mild weather right now.  But I really hate the idea of a green Christmas.

3. Christmas cake.  This may come as a duh to most, but I spent years LOVING Christmas cake.  It was always one of my presents under the tree as well as a birthday present so I could start eating early.  But I grew out of it a few years back.  I still get them wrapped under the tree but I don’t eat them anymore – I give them to my Dad.

4. Tinsel.  We put tinsel on our tree when I was growing up and my mom was very particular about how many strands went on each branch (three).   My child version of me grew very frustrated.  So my grown-up version of me renounced tinsel.  Too much bother.

5. December 26.  I am not sure that this technically counts but I hate Boxing Day.  Why?  Christmas is over.  365 days till Christmas.  I’m always a little sad.  I have to stop myself from taking down the tree that morning, as I hate the reminders.  I always figured I would grow out of this someday.  I haven’t.

Merry Christmas.