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Nice guy

Nice guy

Before I start, I want to say that I in no way sit in judgment of anyone else and their family rooms when I bring up the topic I am about to bring up.  I remember a conversation with a friend one summer when I was painting my hallway white.  I told this friend that I had started to hate the tan colour that had been there.  This friend said:
“You must hate my hallway then because it is tan as well.”
The thing was, I thought her hallway was fabulous.  It was my hallway that drove me crazy.
That said, this is about husbands and wives.  Specifically, me (the wife) and my husband.
I have very generous in-laws who happen to love buying the next big thing.  So imagine my husband’s face when his dad called and said they just bought a new 55” tv bundled with a new blu-ray player so did we want one of their old tvs plus blu-ray player?
My husband’s eyes lit up, the smile grew across his face.  It was Christmas early.
So the two tvs we could choose from were a 32” and a 40”.  We currently have a 26” tv.
My husband had to sell me on that one.
When he got off the phone and lay down from lightheadedness, he asked me to please consider the 40”.
“This year,” he said, “I’ll be able to see the puck.”
It isn’t that I don’t like big tvs.  It is that I don’t think big tvs go well in our family room.  It is not a big room and there are two couches and a chair, all big and comfy and white.  The dresser on which our current tv sits is white with light blue designs on each drawer, painted by me and the kids.
There is a cottagey feel to our home from the front wooden steps to the old quilts upstairs.  It is a look I have worked on for years.
“Just check out the 40” tvs at the Superstore,” my husband pleaded.
I nodded.
When I saw it at the store, it didn’t look so bad.  I realize now, it is impossible to imagine how a tv will look in your home until it is in your home.
This weekend my inlaws brought the 40” tv.  I was out when it arrived, chauffeuring the children around all day.  When I came home, I was tired and crabby.  I walked past the family room, something caught my eye, I looked over.  It was the most depressing thing I had ever seen.
On top of my beautiful dresser adorned with blue cats (courtesy of my daughter) and smiley faces (my son) sat a positively monolithic massive behemoth black tv.  The lamp beside it had been pushed as far as it could go without falling off.
This tv was bigger than our fireplace.
My stomach sank.
When I saw my husband, I angrily whispered:
“That is not staying.”
My husband is a really nice guy.  He is usually quite understanding.  But as I watched him while I spat this sentence out, his face went from smiling to funny pleading to outright stubborn Oh Yeah?
“Give it a chance,” he angrily whispered back.
I sat almost in tears just feet away from the tv (it was so huge, EVERYTHING was a foot away from it), darkened by its shadow while my husband finished plugging everything in and chatting away with his father.
Eventually, as it was obvious I was upset, my husband brought up the fact that the tv was not making me happy.  He wanted to discuss it.  I said it might be awkward seeing as how his parents – his lovely parents – were sitting there listening.  My mother in law ushered my daughter away (I think she was worried we would scar her).
My father in law watched with a smile.
The tv is now in the basement.  Our 26” is back in place.
We will switch the 40” for the 32”.  I think (and I only say I think) I may be able to accept that one.  I’ll have to see it when it is on the dresser.
My husband said that after looking at the 40” tv in our family room, he too saw how ridiculous it seemed.  I think he’s just as I said before:  a really nice guy.